Tax Certificate/Tax Deed Application General Information

Tax Deed Application Processing is now available online at

A Tax Certificate is a lien against real estate (not the owner) and becomes the basis upon which a Tax Deed Application is filed.  Purchasers of Tax Certificates must provide the Tax Collector a Social Security Number or Federal Identification Number for reporting interest earned to the Internal Revenue Service

  • A Tax Certificate is issued to the party bidding the lowest rate of interest on the tax amount due.  The interest rate shall not exceed 18% and may bid as low as 0% in fractional increments of 1/4%.
  • Persons are required to bid on our website at
  • The purchase or redemption of a Tax Certificate does not convey title or legal interest in property.  After two years have elapsed from April 1st of the year of issuance of the Tax Certificate, a Tax Deed Application (TDA) may be filed using the Tax Certificate as basis.  After the TDA is filed, the Clerk of Circuit Court sets and advertises the date of the Tax Deed Sale.  This sale is generally held in the courthouse and anyone may bid on the parcel.  Prior to the filing of a TDA, delinquent taxes may be paid one year at a time; after a TDA is filed, all delinquent and current taxes due plus costs and penalties must be paid. As recommended by the State of Florida Administrative Code, personal and business checks will not be accepted for payment of delinquent property taxes after a Tax Certificate has been issued or a Tax Deed Application has been filed. Please remit by Money Order, Cashiers Check, or Wire Transfer. Cash is accepted in our offices.  Do not mail cash.    Personal and business checks will be returned, which may result in additional interest. Note: Escrow or Trust Account checks of Attorneys, Title Insurance Companies, Real Estate Brokers or Mortgage Brokers will be accepted. All entities must be licensed to do business in Florida.
  • Tax Certificates are transferable by endorsement at a cost of $2.25 at any time before redeemed or a Tax Deed is executed thereon.
  • When a Tax Certificate has been redeemed, the Tax Collector must pay to the certificate holder the face amount of the certificate plus interest; the certificate is then cancelled.
  • Disposition of unclaimed redemption moneys:  Money paid to the Tax Collector for the redemption of a Tax Certificate or a Tax Deed Application that is payable to the holder of a redeemed Tax Certificate but for which no claim has been made, or that fails to be presented for payment, is considered unclaimed as defined in F.S. 717.113 and shall be remitted to the state pursuant to F.S. 717.117.
  • The statute of limitation on a Tax Certificate is seven years from the date of issuance.  If a Tax Deed has not been applied for and no other administrative or legal proceeding exists, the Tax Certificate is null and void.
  • The holder of a Tax Certificate may at any time after two years have elapsed from April 1st of the year of issuance of the Tax Certificate and before the expiration of seven years from the date of issuance, file a Tax Deed Application with the Tax Collector.  The certificate holder shall pay the Tax Collector all amounts required for redemption or purchase of all other outstanding Tax Certificates, any omitted taxes, current and delinquent taxes, plus interest and fees.  The Tax Collector will certify to the Clerk of the Circuit Court a list of all persons required by law to be notified prior to the sale of the property and a certification of monies involved in the application.  The Clerk will notify the Tax Deed Applicant of the required deposit for advertising and other costs.  After all necessary advertising and noticing, the Clerk's office will schedule a Tax Deed Sale date.  The Tax Deed Applicant receives 18% per annum interest on the application, beginning the month after the application through the month of redemption or Tax Deed Sale date.  If the property is purchased by any person other than the Certificate holder, the Certificate holder will be reimbursed all sums paid, including 18% interest.
  • The opening bid on property assessed on the latest tax roll as homestead property must include, in addition to the amount of money paid to the Tax Collector by the Certificate holder at the time of application, the amount required to redeem the applicant's Tax Certificate and an amount equal to one half of the assessed value of the homestead property as listed on the current year's tax roll.


ACH Direct Deposit Information

of March, 2012, we can direct deposit tax certificate redemption funds via ACH to purchasers' bank accounts. For existing tax certificate purchasers on record prior to the May / June 2012 Tax Certificate Sale this is an option; for new buyers who purchase tax certificates as of the 2012 sale and later, utilization of direct deposit is mandatory. If you are not enrolled in the ACH Direct Deposit Program, please review and complete the authorization agreement and return to our office.

For further information contact Pasco Tax Collector Accounting Department, at 352-521-4360, 727-847-8165, or 813-235-6020.