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Dealer Guidelines: 

  • Drop off time: Dealers/title companies, Pasco, or NON Pasco, may drop off their work at the designated location inside our offices Monday thru Friday 8:30-4pm.We also have a drop/mail box outside our offices which you may drop your work in (all work must be in a sealed envelope). The drop box is emptied once daily. All work dropped off must be completed and ready for processing. 
  • Turnaround time: The turnaround time for work dropped off is approximately 72 hours, this excludes weekends and days that our office is closed. Please remember that the turnaround time is something that we diligently strive for, but it is not a guarantee. Certain factors that are out of our control can delay processing.
  • Front counter processing time: The time window for Pasco dealers/title companies to have their transactions processed over the counter will be Monday thru Friday, from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm. We will not process dealer work after 4:00 pm. No Dealer Work will be processed on Saturdays. All work presented at the front counter must be completed in full and ready for processing.
  • Dealer transaction limits: The number of dealer/title company transactions processed over the counter for Pasco dealers will be two (2) per dealer/title company, per day. This limit includes all of our offices. Processing two (2) transactions at one office and processing more transactions at another office in the same day will not be permitted.
  • Restricted transactions over the counter: All transactions involving Towing & Storage, Labor & Storage and Bonded titles must be dropped off. Due to the complex paperwork, we will not process over the counter. The turn around time for these transactions can be up to 30 days.
  • Contact: You may contact the Dealer Services Department by email at or by calling our office at (727) 847-8165, (352) 521-4360, or (813) 235-6020. If you are mailing in your dealer work to the office, please contact Motor Vehicle Services at or call the numbers provided above and request to speak to the Motor Vehicle Services Department.

For Pasco dealers/title companies that choose to do a transaction over the counter, you may experience a longer wait than normal, as we continue to focus on our residents doing personal transactions in our office.

  • A dealer license number and pin number are always required for dealer transactions. If the pin # is not provided, we cannot process.
  • All work must be complete and ready for processing at time of submission.
  • Work submitted with errors or omissions will be returned with a “sendaway” listing reason(s) for return.
  • For more information click here.

Letters of Authorization & Releases for Fast Titles:

  • Dealer must provide the Tax Collector’s office with a letter (on dealership letterhead) that names all persons authorized to pick up fast titles on behalf of the dealership.
  • Written Auth/Release Affidavit or Power of Attorney required by dealers and all third-party recipients to pick up fast title.
  • For more information click here.

Application for Certificate of Title HSMV 82040:

  • All applicable fields must be completed accurately.
  • For more information click here.

Acceptable Proof of Identification for Customer:

  • Valid driver license or ID card issued by Florida or another state, including U.S. territories.
  • Valid passport or passport card, which does not have to be issued by the United States.
  • Valid Canadian driver license, identification card, passport or passport card.
  • For more information click here.

Odometer Disclosure & Declaration:

  • Must disclose the mileage at the time of transfer of a vehicle and state whether the mileage seen is actual, or in excess of its mechanical limits and indicate the date read.
  • For more information click here.

Power of Attorney:

  • A written document in which one person (the principal) appoints another person to act as an agent on his or her behalf, thus conferring authority on the agent to perform certain acts or functions on behalf of the principal.
  • Power of Attorney signs their name followed by “POA”.
  • Power of Attorney (HSMV 82053) is used to sign for buyer ONLY or seller ONLY. It is not a secure POA and cannot be used when mileage is being recorded without a Separate Odometer Disclosure Statement (HSMV 82993)
  • Secure Power of Attorney (HSMV 82995) is used when title is being held by lienholder and is unavailable for endorsement or lost. Person appointed as attorney-in-fact can sign as buyer and seller and record mileage.
  • For more information click here.

MCO – Manufacturer Certificate of Origin/ Application for Title & Registration Using an MCO:

  • Issued for NEW motor vehicles, vessels, mobile homes and trailers.
  • Dealer reassignments appear in sequence on the back of MCO
  • The following documents are required to complete a title transfer using an MCO:
    • MCO (Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin), properly completed reassignments, HSMV 82040 Application for Florida Title, acceptable customer identification, lien satisfaction if applicable, sales tax amount, proof of Florida insurance, license plate number for transfer and or replacement, non-use affidavit if applicable and fees.
    • For more information click here.

Dealer & General Affidavits:

  • Affidavit statements made by dealers should appear on the dealership letterhead and include the perjury clause.
  • For more information click here.

Dealer Reassignment Supplement HSMV 82994:

  • Used to reassign a Certificate of Title and make odometer disclosures between licensed dealers or between dealers and their retail buyers and must be used in specific transactions.
  • For more information click here.

Out-of-State Title:

  • Requires Certificate of Title from that state, dealer’s bill of sale (if applicable), and or original registration if that state did not require titling.
  • For more information click here.

Out-of-State Title References:

  • To assist with determining each state’s proof of ownership contact N.A.D.A Appraisal Guides at (800) 966-6232 or World Data Corporation at (855) 693-3900.
  • For more information click here.

NMVTIS National Motor Vehicle Title Information System:

  • Dealers and auctions can access through third-party vendor.
  • Reduces titling of stolen cars and fraud by allowing state titling agencies to verify the validity of ownership documents and opportunity to verify details of vehicles (brands, body type, etc.) electronically.
  • For more information click here.

VIN Verification:

  • All Used Motor Vehicles titled out-of-state including trailers weighing 2,000 lbs or more require a VIN verification.
  • Complete form 82040, section 8 or form 82042.
  • Out-of-Country VIN verifications must be completed by Division of Motorist Services.
  • For more information click here.


  • All brands will be carried over to the Florida Title.
  • For more information click here.

Initial Registration Fee:

  • Customers who do not have a license plate or license plate IRF credit available for transfer will be required to pay the initial registration fee for vehicles that are not exempt.
  • We are not authorized to look up a customer’s record to obtain license plate information for your transactions.
  • Transactions exempt from IRF are: Heavy Trucks (5001 lbs or more), Leased Motor Vehicles (except leased-pick-up trucks), Mobile Homes, Motorcycles, and Trailers, etc.
  • For more information click here.

Florida Title:

  • All reassignments must be completed in full with no omissions or errors.
  • For more information click here.

Electronic Florida Titles:

  • FL Title with Lien:
    • Dealership may satisfy lien of an electronically held title placing title in a print electronic status. Dealer may request and obtain title and the fee is $2.50 for mail and $10.00 for fast title.
  • FL Title without a Lien:
    • Dealership may apply for title in their name by supplying HSMV 82994 and Application for Title HSMV 82040 and the charge is $10.00.
  • For more information click here.
    • Dealership may apply to have title printed without transferring the title into their name and complete reassignments.

Florida State Sales Tax & Calculating Sales Tax:

  • The Sales Tax Rate for Florida is 6% and is collected on the purchase price of the vehicle less the trade amount.
  • Discretionary Tax varies by county and is based on customer’s county of residence.
  • Pasco County residents pay discretionary sales tax of 1% up to the selling price of $5000.00.
  • For more information click here.

Sales Tax for Out-of-State Residents:

  • Dealer will collect sales tax at the rate of their customer’s state of residence (maximum being Florida’s sales tax rate of 6%).  Dept. of Revenue form DR123 and form HSMV 84061 must be completed.
  • For more information click here.

Sales Tax - Export to a Foreign Country:

  • Possession of a vehicle occurs in Florida and the vehicle is going to be exported, the sales tax is calculated at the county rate where the vehicle was purchased.
  • For more information click here.


  • Florida statute requires that vehicles be insured when registered and operated on our streets and highways.
  • Acceptable proof of insurance is required at time of registration.
  • For more information click here.

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