CDL Testing and Licensing

NOTICE: Non-Pasco Residents that are CDL Testing are required to make an appointment. Appointments are available on Tuesdays ONLY. Please click the appointment link below to reserve your time.

Non-Pasco Resident CDL Appointments 


Permit Tests for Commercial Driver Licenses and endorsements are available at all five Pasco County Tax Collector’s Offices. Each CDL test can be taken a maximum of twice per day. CDL Testing manuals are available in the office (while supplies last) or on the FLHSMV website located at the link below. Testing must begin no later than one hour before office closing time. 


All five Pasco Tax Collector’s Offices also are able to issue and renew CDL Licenses. When obtaining or renewing a CDL please remember to have a CDL Medical Certificate in your possession when visiting our office. Hazardous Materials Testing is offered for Pasco County Residents ONLY, if their ELDT requirements have been met.


Effective June 1, 2022 the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles revised their policy on Residential Address for Issuing Credentials for all Commercial License Permit (CLP) or Commercial Driver License (CDL) applicants. These individuals must present two proofs of Florida residential address in their name.

Applicants must present one proof from List A and one proof from List B below.

 LIST A for CLP / CDL - item presented must be in the applicant's name.

  1. A recent lease or rental agreement for the residence with a term of 6 months or greater
  2. Current Florida voter registration card
  3. Florida vehicle registration or title
  4. Florida vessel registration or title
  5. Current homeowner's insurance policy or bill
  6. Current electricity or water bill
  7. Recent cellular or landline telephone bill
  8. Recent internet service provider bill
  9. Latest property tax bill

LIST B for CLP / CDL - item presented must be in the applicant's name.

  1. Latest W-2 form or 1099 form
  2. Recent bank statement
  3. Recent credit card statement
  4. Latest military orders
  5. Recent pay stub
  6. Recent official government documents

CLP or CDL applicants unable to provide a proof of residential address from List A, must provide a Declaration of Domicile filed with the Clerk of the Circuit Court pursuant to Florida Statues section 222.17 AND one proof of residential address document from List B.

 A Certification of Address form (HSMV-71120) can no longer be accepted. CLP and CDL applicants upgrading from a Class E or ID card must resubmit acceptable proof of residential address.

For more information regarding CDL fees, please visit the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles website located HERE.


For more information please visit:

CDL Testing Manual

Fee Chart